Who are we?

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi is an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation that supports vulnerable children, young people and families that fall within the Central Coast Council area (formerly known as the Wyong LGA).

We care for the community’s social and emotional wellbeing, foster connection to culture, and support individuals and families to thrive through services that are developmentally and age appropriate.


In the spirit of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, we aim to provide a high standard of family-based care and cultural therapy to support individual and cultural identities. Aboriginal children and young people have the right to be cared for in a family environment and to be part of a wider cultural community that supports them and fosters their cultural learning.

We replicate a system of care that the Aboriginal World Views encourage: one that is collaborative, consultative and engages all stakeholders to provide the best care for the community. Aboriginal World Views have been disrupted, so it is critical that our partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders and agencies within our community are nurtured.

We are committed to promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all Aboriginal families, children and young people in our care and to respecting their rights and the rights of their families and carers.

Together with the community, will ensure that cultural learnings are nurtured and developed throughout the lives of Aboriginal families, children and young people. Our focus is on maintaining existing connections and creating reconnections to family, country and community. These connections and reconnections are vital for a true sense of belonging, an acceptance of self, and recovery from trauma.

Our approach is guided by:

  • Aboriginal World Views
  • Dadirri – Deep listening to one another
  • Cultural therapy - the importance of identity and connections
  • Shared community responsibility for children and young people
  • Working with children in a culturally safe environment
  • Strengths-based practice and resilience
  • Trauma informed and trauma specific care and practice



In the 2021 ABS Census, 17,047 people identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, up from 12,483 people in the 2016 ABS Census – a 37% increase. This represents 4.9% of the population which is above the state and national averages of 3.4% and 3.2% respectively.

Young People

Darkinjung Country is undergoing a significant generational shift, with the Aboriginal population overwhelmingly young. Young people (those aged between 0 and 24 years) make up 53.5% of the Indigenous population in the Central Coast, with a median age of 23. This is in stark contrast to the median age of the entire Central Coast population – 43 – with young people making up just 29% of the total population.


In July 2022, the youth unemployment rate in Darkinjung Country was 6.2%. The difficulties faced by rural and regional jobseekers compared to those living in cities where job opportunities are more plentiful is well documented – lack of career prospects, limited training opportunities and lack of transport. In addition, during difficult economic times, young people are often the first to be laid off, as was seen during the Covid-19 pandemic. This hinders their ability to build skills and experience.

Our Role

GNL provides a central place for Aboriginal families, children and young people to discuss issues and find support in a culturally safe environment.  It is also a place where culturally-appropriate guidance, wisdom, coaching and mentoring can be imparted to young people, so they are empowered to thrive.

Our Partners

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation acknowledge the lands of the Darkinjung that we are privileged to work and live upon.

We acknowledge the wisdom of our elders and include their voice in all that we do in our community.

We also acknowledge the importance of nurturing our children and their important contribution to our combined story.

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation

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4 Church Street
Wyong NSW 2259