Strengthening Culture and Community

Cultural Programs

Families who attend Ganang Playgroup and other Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Evidence Based Parenting Programs bring their children along to Didge and Dance groups. Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi provide culturally safe spaces for group work and community participation. Group participation is between 10 to 15 children per session. Parents/Carers attend cultural groups with their children which facilitates their engagement and builds their social networks

As an Aboriginal community organisation, we are providing cultural programs designed to keep children and families connected to their culture, community and country. Helping parents to cope with the stresses of child rearing; and – providing parents with confidence, security and trust in the local community.

Culturally based programs promote interaction, communication and encourage healthy identity development. The children feel more connected to their culture and build a sense of belonging- they promote this during groups, at school, and within community.

Aboriginal identity is a lifelong process, one in which events, activities, community and society influence and engage in the process of self-discovery. Holistic child and family centred practice that strengthens cultural learnings are a protective factor and build resilience, confidence and a true sense of belonging and happiness through connection to culture, family and community.