Barudir is a project-based program that helps engage Aboriginal young people in topics that can help them positively engage the community and world around them, diving into topics like identity, culture, strong spirit, black history and social justice, and public speaking.

Barudir is run by our three youth mentors, all of whom attended the group as teenagers. They help young people to recover from trauma, engage with their community and build on their potential through a range of programs that encourage development and growth in all areas of their life.

Barudir means butterfly in Darkinjung language.

As the caterpillar begins its struggle to break out of its cocoon to ultimately emerge as the beautiful creature intended. It must first go through the laborious and painful process of tearing away the walls of the thick protective cocoon. For this struggle removes the heavy liquid on its wings allowing it to fly faster, freer.


Young people between the ages of 13 and 17.


Every Friday between 5.00 and 7.00 pm.


The Space, 4 Church Street, Wyong.


Free – Dinner is provided.

How to take part

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our aim is to respond to individual and local community needs and align to priorities to make a collective contribution.

Yes. Barudir is led by Aboriginal youth mentors who range in age, knowledge and skills. The team has links to local community, land and culture.

  • Identity
  • Culture
  • Strong spirit
  • Yarning and storytelling
  • First Nations resilience
  • Social justice
  • Health
  • Goal setting
  • Community contribution
  • Public speaking

Barudir has been running since 2018.

No. Barudir is open to all young people to attend for as long as they benefit from the connection.

Our Barudir program partners with local organisations and Aboriginal community members to give young First Nations people a hands-on opportunity to connect with culture.

Meet the facilitator: Bryce Parsons

Bryce is a proud Darug man, youth mentor and facilitator of the Barudir Youth Group, but his journey with GNL begins much earlier.

Bryce first encountered GNL and Auntie Simone at the age of 15 when he joined the previous iteration of Barudir. At the time, Bryce was under the care of the Minister for Family and Community Services. When his foster care placement broke down and it was unsafe for him to stay, Auntie Simone supported him into a new permanent placement with his best friend’s family. This gave him the stability to finish school, participate in community events and focus on his career aspirations.

Looking back on his engagement with Barudir as a teenager, Bryce tells us:

“Growing up in care was hard, but Simone offered me a program that helped me to build my confidence and encouraged me to take ownership of my place in our community by getting involved and giving back. This inspired me to focus my career supporting children and young people to do the same.”

When he finished school, Bryce was offered a job as a youth mentor with GNL and was responsible for designing a fresh new Barudir program:

“I quickly realised that young people today aren’t into the same things I was into! But it’s up and running now and making moves. Importantly, the kids decide what community projects they want to do, and I support them to get them up and running. But it’s about them, and their creativity.”

Barudir is a project-based program that helps engage Aboriginal young people in topics that can help them positively engage the world around them, diving into topics like identity, culture, community, strong spirit, social justice and public speaking. It also introduces them to community and provides them with a constant support system.

“Our first major project is organising a disco for community kids. They have never done anything like this before, but they have hit the ground running and are learning about project management, budgeting, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. These are skills and experiences that Aboriginal young people can carry with them back home – and for life.”

We want to build future leaders and future youth mentors and this program is the perfect thing for that.

“Barudir is a challenge, but a fun one. I have a chance to impact young people’s lives by providing them with opportunities to better our community and supporting them so that they have the support and education they need to take on the responsibilities ahead of them.”

Our Partners

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation acknowledge the lands of the Darkinjung that we are privileged to work and live upon.

We acknowledge the wisdom of our elders and include their voice in all that we do in our community.

We also acknowledge the importance of nurturing our children and their important contribution to our combined story.

Gudjagang Ngara li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation

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